5 Reasons Why We Recommend Bluehost for Hosting [UPDATED]

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First of all, full disclosure: We are a Bluehost affiliate. For the uninitiated, that means that if you click on the word Bluehost and subsequently purchase hosting from them, we get sixty five bucks. Yay!

But we’ve been with Bluehost for several years now and would recommend them even if we were not members of their affiliate program. In fact, we recommend Bluehost all the time to clients who purchase their hosting directly. Here’s why:

  1. Great technical support. – We have only had one technical issue that Bluehost’s technical support staff have not been able to resolve. Usually, they are quick, knowledgeable and happy to help.
  2. Unlimited seems to mean unlimited: Many hosts say unlimited storage and bandwidth but then throttle your account if your traffic takes up too many processor resources. We have not yet had an issue with throttling and as for storage, as long as the files you are storing are part and parcel to running your site, they really don’t place any limits. We take daily backups of some sites in the gigabytes and so far so good.
  3. Great refund policy. We have found they will refund the pro-rated amount of whatever time you have left on your plan, no questions asked. This includes when you simply want to take advantage of a newer better plan they have on offer.
  4. Bluehost are the number one recommended host on WordPress.org. We build a lot of WordPress sites, so it is great to be able to tell clients that WordPress themselves recommend these guys. Now, they might just be doing it for the affiliate fees, but there are other programs out there that pay more, so maybe it is just because they are great at hosting WordPress.
  5. No BS. Hostgator has been known to disable sites without warning. GoDaddy has been known to buy domain names that their users have been searching for so they can inflate the price. We could have displayed GoDaddy’s and Hostgator’s affiliate links here as well, but the fact that we don’t illustrates that we believe in Bluehost because they don’t seem to engage in unscrupulous business practices the way others do.

Now, there are other great hosts out there- and Bluehost might not be right for your website, but for our clients and us, so far so good.

UPDATE: Due to recent issues with Bluehost’s speed and declining technical support we can no longer stand behind all of the statements above

This post was originally Published on: Sep 30, 2014.