7 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Needs Sucuri’s Security Services

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We have been using Sucuri’s web firewall with one of our clients for a few years now and so far we are quite pleased with their offerings and service. So we recently became an affiliate, which means that if you click on any of the Sucuri links on this site and subsequently pay for their service, we’ll get a commission. Yay!

Here’s why we like and recommend Sucuri for WordPress site owners.

  1. All websites are constantly in danger of being attacked. WordPress sites provide a large attack surface, meaning that they have a lot of ways they can be exploited. Sucuri know all the tricks and can prevent attacks from succeeding.
  2. Sucuri not only protect against hackers but can repair WordPress sites that have been compromised. So you can sign up with them even after your website has been breached.
  3. Their web firewall includes caching ala a content delivery network so that site load times are improved.
  4. Their tech support is top notch- usually answering questions within the day.
  5. You can block access to your admin panel for anyone not logged into Sucuri.
  6. Their pricing is reasonable – from $9.99 a month up.
  7. They’ll remind you when you need to update critical plugins and such.

Do yourself a favor and Sign up with Sucuri before your site gets hacked!